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While the assembly of a pallet rack system may seem simple, issues often arise that a manager or someone outside the industry may not consider, or know how to handle. Pipes, lighting fixtures, heating and air conditioning units, and other unforeseen complications are common, and can put a stop to your project. Having a professional install can save you valuable time and money, and ensure quality completion. Here at East Coast Rack our installation experts have years of experience, combined with the technical know how to get your project completed safely, efficiently and quickly. Whether it's new or used pallet rack, push back rack, drive in rack, conveyor, industrial steel shelving, mezzanines, and so much more, we are here with you every step of the way to ensure the successful completion of your project. We are available to survey your space and make the best possible recommendation for layout to ensure you are utilizing it as effectively as possible.


East Coast Rack also provides teardown services if you are relocating or closing your facility. Having an inexperienced team disassemble your system can be detrimental to your bottom line. If material is handled carelessly and damaged during takedown, it will reduce the amount of material you will be able to reuse or resell and hurt your bottom line. It can also result in injury to your staff if they do not know how to properly handle the material. That is why is it so important to have a professional on site, so that a simple task doesn't become a huge inconvenience to you. We handle it all! East Coast Rack will even buy your used or unwanted equipment, and remove from site, so that all your concerns are resolved. You can rest easy knowing that with our years of experience and expertise, you are in excellent hands.


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